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Hi, I'm Fraser. Having built a 6-figure blogging portfolio, my sights are now set on refining yours. With experience in all aspects of the blogosphere, I'll give your blog the traffic-boosting, conversion-crushing lift it deserves!

The Personal Touch

No outsourcing, no "team", no content mills. When you collaborate with me, you get the benefit of singular, focused expertise. I manage every project from inception to fruition.

Refined Through Real Results

With years of hands-on experience, I understand the nuances and intricacies of effective blog management. My insights are shaped by real-world trials, successes (and failures!).

Beyond The Brief

For many agencies, your blog is just another project. For me, it's personal. I invest my own time, effort, and expertise into every blog, treating it as my own. I'm therefore rooting for you (us) to win!

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Fraser Henderson "The Blog Consultant"

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Tell me your website, goals, and wildest dreams, and I'll tell you a number. Ready, set, type!

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    Blogs? They're the ace up your digital sleeve. Amidst the online hustle and bustle, they amplify your brand's voice and presence. It's not just about pushing products either; it's about forging trust and cementing your authority. Plus, every new post? An SEO goldmine!