About Me

Hello! I'm Fraser Henderson ("The Blog Consultant"). With years of experience under my belt, a 6-figure blogging portfolio, and credentials as a qualified medical doctor, I'm not your average blog agency founder. But with expertise that spans blog writing, SEO, keyword research and website design, I pride myself on offering tailor-made packages.

Fraser Henderson - The Blog Consultant

My Story

I started my journey in the demanding world of medicine (long story). But along the way, I was captivated by the allure of the digital world. I launched multiple online businesses, including e-commerce, print-on-demand and digital marketing sites.

It was at this point that I discovered blogging. I quickly realized that a well-written, keyword-researched blog could benefit almost any business model. In fact, blogging was an incredible business model in itself!

I soon began building my own blog portfolio, and over the years had the privilege of working on some incredible projects. With a growing portfolio and unending enthusiasm, I established this agency to bring you the best of both worlds: the precision of a doctor and the creativity of a writer. The combo you never knew you needed!

My Mission

My mission is to create content that not only ranks but resonates. Whether you're a startup looking for a voice, an established business boosting your presence, or somewhere in between, I'm here to guide, design, and deliver.


When you collaborate with me, you receive my undiluted expertise and commitment. No middlemen, no outsourcing, no shortcuts. Every piece of content, every strategy, and every design carries my personal touch.

Guaranteed Originality

In an age of content mills and generic advice, I stand firm on delivering unique, tailor-made strategies. I take pride in creating bespoke content that aligns with your voice... not the unmistakable drawl of ChatGPT!

Direct Access

Say goodbye to intermediary communication. When you choose my consultancy, you're directly communicating with the expert (me!). This ensures faster turnarounds, clear understanding, and a partnership built on transparency.

Think Different

Blog Better

Blogs? They're the ace up your digital sleeve. Amidst the online hustle and bustle, they amplify your brand's voice and presence. It's not just about pushing products either; it's about forging trust and cementing your authority. Plus, every new post? An SEO goldmine!

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