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On the hunt for a seasoned medical blog writer? Then you’re in the right place! With a decade-long journey as a qualified medical doctor and a robust six-figure blog portfolio, I’ve carved a niche in the medical blog writing space.

What Sets Me Apart?

  1. Medical Backbone: A 10-year stint in the medical arena has equipped me with the knowledge and the knack to translate complex medical lingo into accessible information.
  2. SEO Sidekick: My flourishing blog portfolio isn’t a mere showcase; it’s a testament to my ability to tailor content that reads and ranks well.
  3. Simplified Publishing: No more tech headaches; I can edit and directly publish articles into WordPress, streamlining your blog management process.
  4. Narrative Nuance: I’m all about blending compelling narratives with hard medical facts. Let’s keep your readers enlightened and engaged.
  5. Authoritative Authorship: Every blog post I craft carries an authoritative tone, thanks to my extensive medical background. This provides your audience with reliable information, and allows Google to trust your site (per the new EEAT guidelines). 

Combine Medical Knowledge with Digital Dexterity

The virtual world is bustling with content. Standing out, especially in the medical domain, requires a delicate blend of accuracy, authenticity, and digital acumen.


Whether you need a riveting health blog post, a comprehensive medical article, or are simply aiming to bridge the gap between medical intricacies and common understanding, I’m here to assist.


My aim? To craft blog posts that deliver trustworthy information and an entertaining read. 

Hire A Medical Blog Writer (Summary)

With 10 years as a medical professional and a proven track record in blogging, I blend medical insight with SEO expertise. From crafting engaging posts to hassle-free publishing on WordPress, I deliver content that's both authoritative and designed for the current digital landscape. Elevate your medical blog with content that stands out and resonates.

$250 per 1000 words

Think Different

From Posts to Profit

Blogs? They're the ace up your digital sleeve. Amidst the online hustle and bustle, they amplify your brand's voice and presence. It's not just about pushing products either; it's about forging trust and cementing your authority. Plus, every new post? An SEO goldmine!

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